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R&D projects


Thermal Spraying of Nanophased Powders

Injection Moulding of Titanium Powders for Biomedical Applications

Rapid Manufacturing of Titanium Implants


Integration of the Security Sub-Modules Elements in the Automotive Industry

Nanostructured Thermally Sprayed Magnetic Coatings for Microwave Absorption Applications

New Generation of Aeronautical Bearings for Extreme Environmental Constraints

Development of the New Thermal Spraying Equipment and Technology for Production of Components for Marine Transport Engines

Development of Load—Bearing Fibre Reinforced Composite Based Non—Metallic Biomimetic Bone Implants

Aerosol Technologies and Hierarchical Assembly / Manufacturing for Advanced Nano—Structured Porous Materials          


New generation of aeronautical bearings for extreme environmental constraints

Contract Number: to be announced later in 2006
Type of Project: FP6-2005-STREP-Priority 4-Aero-1
Duration: 36 Months (2006-2009)

1.Liebherr Aerospace Toulouse S.A.S. (France), 2.Prvni Brnesnska strojirna Velka Bites (Czech Republic), 3.SKF Aerospace France (France), 4.Trinity College (Ireland), 5.Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary), 6. Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (France), 7.Center for Colloid and Surface Science, University of Florence (Italy), 8.MBN Nanomaterialia S.p.A. (Italy), 9.ARC Seibersdorf Research GmbH (Austria), 10.Metal Forming Institute (Poland), 11.Pyrogenesis S.A. (Greece)

The main objective of BEARINGS is to define the next generation of aeronautical bearings for extreme environmental conditions with the aim of suppressing valve failures particularly in bleed systems. Reliability is one of the strong project issues. Associated objectives are to reduce development, manufacturing, direct and indirect operation costs. Weight reduction is also an additional objective.
The research areas of the project will be addressed through the following work packages:

1: Analysis and generic requirements definition

2: Modelling and computation

3: Tribological materials definition and transfer on samples

4: Tribological tests

5: Design, manufacturing and tests of bearing prototypes.
Pyrogenesis is responsible for the adaptation of thermal spray processes for nanopowders and the production of nanocrystalline coatings for bearings. Pyrogenesis is also involved in the management of the project.


SKF ball bearing for high temperature environments